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“Eddie the Cruiser” attended North High in Torrance, CA. (Class of 1960).  Life was great!  He was surfing before anyone knew enough to realize he was not very good.  He attended the Drag Races at Lions in Long Beach and a few races on the dry lakebeds.  He got his first speeding ticket in his 1951 Oldsmobile, one hour and thirty minutes after getting his drivers license.

Somehow, he was tagged with the title of the “BRAIN” the teachers and the grades did not support the title.  He became noted (in his yearbooks) for his “great cartoons” and being rotten at sports.

The wonderful So Cal lifestyle came to an end in December 1959; the family moved to Denver, CO.  Life was unbearable till he joined the CONTINENTALS CAR CLUB of Derby, CO.  Drag racing, hot rods, rock and roll and dance halls filled the Rocky Mountain weekends.

Early on, he showed up at a major car show with a CO2 bottle (hated the sound of compressors), airbrush, fabric paint and a stack of T-shirts.  The show was a resounding success for “the Cruiser”, not for the quality, imagination, or talent, but due to the other 14 T-shirt artists being ousted by the Fire Marshal for using flammable paints and electric compressors.

We then skip the rest of the time in Colorado, Illinois, California, Viet Nam, Iceland, Washington D.C., Ohio, Oregon, Alaska and 44 years to present.  Of the 44 years, 36 were in the military and hence the name of BOHICA GRAFIX.  When you come out of the field tired and looking to rest; here comes the Major.  Everyone groans “BOHICA”, or “Bend Over Here It Comes Again”. “Eddie the Cruiser” is back, he built another street rod, belongs to the HERMISTON CLASSICS CAR CLUB, Hermiston, OR and still doing cartoon art!

This website is dedicated to the memory of Robert Michael Baysden.

"Bobby" was 17 and a much loved family member.  He passed away on 19 Sept. 2008 from heart complications.  Bobby was born 21 Feb. 1991 in Alton, IL, and was residing in Port Orange, Florida.  He was pursuing a degree in Automotive Technology at the Daytona State College Advanced Technology Center.  He loved cars, fishing and basketball.

God bless this fine young man.

Bobby Baysden

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